Birthday spa day

It’s half term, FINALLY!! It’s taken so long to come, this week is such a busy week with lots of exciting things. AND I’ve also finished my Open University course for year 1, which I am very pleased about.

Today I went to Hanbury Manor in Hertfordshire for a spa day with my mum. This was a present for my 21st birthday from my Mum and Dad. I’ve never been to a spa day, so this was extremely excited for me. We spent a few hours by the pool and in the jacuzzi. It was relaxing as we have been really busy recently and haven’t had much time to chat. Included in my voucher for my birthday I was able to have a massage on my back, shoulders and neck. This was the most relaxing massage I’ve ever had (bearing in mind I’ve only had 2 in my life!) The lady suggested that I needed to have regular massages as there is a lot of tension on my shoulders, I had problems with my back and shoulders anyway. I can’t complain with that!! I felt really relaxed and calm, after few busy weeks finishing my Uni course.

After our massages, we went to have afternoon tea in the grand restaurant. This was very sophisticated. We enjoyed a selection of sandwiches and cakes, followed by 4 scones each. They even did gluten free too!! You could have chosen from a long list of different teas, I went for boring and stuck with decaf english breakfast.

The massage and the afternoon tea were great, whereas the Spa facilities were not so great, but the massage and afternoon tea counteracted that. However I had a lovely day with my Mum. I am now heading up to Lincolnshire to see my Nan tomorrow with my Mum until Thursday and visiting family, then Cardiff with Stuart on Friday. Exciting times!

Speak soon, R x

(Just a few pictures from today)



My Gluten Free diet

A few years ago I was told that I potentially had IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) after experiencing many symptoms linking to this. At this time I didn’t think anything of it and just lived with it as it kept coming and going. Recently it came back and it was worse than it has ever been. After a few trips to dieticians who recommended taking out certain foods from my diet, I made the decision to go gluten free. I know that I can have very bad reactions to gluten so I thought I’d give it a try.

I started going gluten free at the start of April and I wouldn’t go back. I am feeling so much better after cutting it out and I am having less symptoms than I used to have. I am trailing it for 3 months as I was told by a family friend that this was the ideal time period for it to leave your system. However after the 3 months I will probably keep going with the GF diet to ensure that I don’t go back to being ill again.

As good as going gluten free is better for me it does come with some negatives. Gluten free foods are quite pricey, therefore it makes a shopping trip quite expensive especially for those daily things such as bread and cereal. The other thing is that not all restaurants provide gluten free meals, making it hard to decide where to eat. However saying all this it doesn’t put me off making the decision to be gluten free, I have had some lovely gluten free meals in certain restaurants such as Pizza Express, Prezzo and Nandos.

As my blog is part of a baking blog most of my recipes will be gluten free or have gluten free supplements in them.

Speak soon

R x

The past 2 years!!

Hello there everyone!

I’ve been away for such a long time, 2 years to be exact and a lot has happened in these 2 years. We moved house again in January 2015 to a beautiful house in Hertford (Hertfordshire). It is such a beautiful home and we are still in it one year down the line, we can walk for 5 minutes and we are in the town centre, it has a lovely river running through it with a beautiful park and we are minutes aware from the local supermarket. I finished my college course in Childcare and Education in June 2015 and I was incredibly happy to have been given a job as a Teaching Assistant at my school where I did my placements. This is going really well, I am working full time and doing an after-school club too and I am now studying at the Open University to get my degree to then be a teacher. I work in the Reception class (ages 4-5) and my main goal is to become a Reception teacher.

Me and Stuart (my boyfriend of 3 and 1/2 years) are still going strong after my recent post about his mum. We are now saving for a house in the local area. (It’s so expensive down here!!) We hope to have move into our own place in about 2-3 years.

I travelled up North to my home town at the start of April to celebrate my Nana and Grandad’s Golden wedding anniversary. I hope that I am as happy as they are when I get to 50 years married.

I TURNED 21!! Last week to be precise. I had a great birthday, sadly I was working but I celebrated big time at the weekend with lots of family and friends. I saw some family friends that I hadn’t seen for 5 years and a best friend who I hadn’t seen for a while either. It was a perfect birthday.

I have been baking during the 2 years, I will post lots of pictures below. I will be finishing my Uni course in May so I am going to keep on top of this blog and my baking as I will have lots more time to do so. I am going to aim to post a blog post every week, obviously depending on my uni work it might not be every week until the end of June.

I have lots of things to look forward to in the Summer but I will keep you all posted when I get to them.

Here is my baking that I did over Easter, I made a Creme egg cheesecake and Creme egg rocky road I’ll copy the recipe down below. I also made egg nests from cornflakes and mini eggs.

I got my recipe from Taming twins, I love their recipes.


Rocky Road:


Speak soon!! R x

Eventful times

Hi guys, sorry I haven’t posted in over 2 weeks it hasn’t been the best of weeks for my family and my boyfriend’s. His Mum sadly had a sudden heart attack at the weekend of the 20th and she sadly passed a few days later. This was a horrible and extremely sad moment for all of us and we’re still coming to terms with it. This has just made me realise that life really is too short and that we need to live every day as it comes. We’re getting back on track with work and college again and trying to get back to normal again.

This quote says it all.


RIP Sheahan ❤

GlossyBox delivery

Hey guys!

I recently ordered a GlossyBox after seeing this on several people’s Instagram profile. This is a box that you receive every month and in this box there are 5 different products from hair products to beauty products. This gives you the chance to try samples of products that you might not normally be able to afford. I loved the idea of this when I first saw it as I love trying out new things. I can wait to try out these products and to see what I get next month.

In my box:

2x Skin PEP professional grade peeling gel + Skin PEP dark circle eraser

GOSH Silky cream blusher 001 Tropical Breeze

Nails Inc London Matte 284 topcoat

Model Co More Brows brush

L’Oreal Mythic Oil

Bye for now x

New Baking Book

Hey there!

So I recieved a great parcel today after a long day at college. It was the new Great British Bake Off book 2014 that I had ordered from Amazon, it was only 8 pounds which I thought was a bargain. I always watch GBBO as you already know, so to have the book and be able to try and attempt the recipes in it is amazing. So that is my task, like I did with the book at the start of my blog, I’m am going to try and make as many things as I can from this book and post about them on a regular. I’m going to attempt to make something every week, but I cannot promise that I will be able to as this year is a busy one with college. But I can try! I can’t wait to try all of the great new recipes with some amazing flavours that I’ve never baked before.

This book is from the current series of GBBO and it has some of the bakes that they have made in this series with specialities from the participants. Inside there are pages that tell the readers more about them and their bakes.


I am very glad that I’ve bought this book and I’m excited to start baking more advanced foods. Keep looking to see my next blogs about my baking and also other new products that I have bought recently and will be reviewing.

Bye for now x

Amazon- Great British Bake Off: Book of Baking 2014 £8.00 +pp

Holidays, Holidays and Holidays

This summer I have been lucky to have had 2 holidays. My first one was in Turkey with my boyfriend for a week and the next one was in Spain with my family and family friends for another week.

Let’s start with Turkey. This was my first holiday without my parents and my first holiday with my boyfriend. I was nervous about going away without my parents as I’ve never done it before, however this was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. We were in a hotel called Emre Beach in Maramais and this place was amazing. All inclusive, drinks whenever you wanted food at certain times of the day, amazing facilities and entertainment, with a lovely beach and pier attached to the end of the hotel. We spent the week relaxing and enjoying the temperature rose to 40 degrees!! This holiday was much needed as we had both been busy working at our jobs and I also had college too. We didn’t do much but what we did was amazing, especially a trip on a jet ski on the last day. This will be a week we’ll never forget and we’d love to go back there again very soon.



Next there was my Spanish trip. We all flew off to Barcelona (all 10 of us!) and we arrived at our beautiful villa on the mountains in a town called Sitges.  This is a fairly small town on a lovely coast. We had an amazing four storey villa on top of the mountains with a lovely big terrace with the view of the whole town.  We visited Barcelona and the lovely sites of it, the beach where we went on holiday last year and we had some lovely meals out. Lots of Sangria and Paella! Being on holiday again was great and being in the sun was even better, as well some of you may know English weather is terrible!

All in all I’ve had a great summer after 2 amazing holidays that I will never forget. Here’s to Summer 2015!! 🙂

2014-08-14 13.55.08


My recent baking

I have been really bad with my baking since going back to College after Christmas, I say I haven’t had the time but in all fairness that’s a big lie. (I’ve been very lazy! But don’t tell anyone!) But that has all changed and I have been baking again for a few months now! I forgot how good baking is and how much enjoyment I get out of it.

And of course, the Great British Bake Off has started again which has given me more motivation to bake. The people on this program are so talented and I am fascinated by everything that they do. Norman was my favourite out of all of them, however sadly they had to say goodbye to him last week :(. There is also a lady who comes from my home town of Lincolnshire so I’ll now be backing her up.

Here is just a selection of photos of the cakes that I have made over the year, some for birthday occasions and others just for the delight of baking, some experimental and some from recipe books.


2014-07-06 15.30.09-2 2014-08-31 11.31.40-22014-04-16 18.37.52-2 

I’m Back :-)

Hi guys,

Oh my it has been a whole year today since I last posted. I haven’t done very well with this blog as it has been such a manic year, however I am back, a year older and I am ready to post and start baking again. In this past year I have successfully completed my first year at college, been on 2 holidays in the Summer, I’ve had many days sat at my computer working away at college work and met a boy who I’ve been with for a year in October, plus many more things that I won’t bore you with. 

Speaking of October, sadly little Rory passed away in October after being hit by a car twice. This was a devastating time for all of us as we rescued him and he had been with us for a good few years, giving us lots of memories that we’ll never forget. 😥

On a more positive note, just before we sadly lost Rory, me and my family bought a new member to the Barley Family.

Meet little Buddy

 2013-10-03 11.02.58

Buddy is also a tabby just like Lola and Charlie who we bought from a lady not far from our house. This was a very quick decision made by Me, my Mum and my Sister (sorry Dad!) and since then he has bought lots of mischief and cuteness to our family as a kitten. Sadly, kittens don’t always stay as a kitten and he has therefore grown into the size of Lola now. He runs riots with Lola as they very much dislike each other. Ahh the life of a crazy cat lady eh?

Also to add the the mix of cat mayhem, we have another cat that has been hanging around the house for a long time, this is a beautiful grey and white tabby cat who is absolutely gorgeous. He comes in and out of the house, thinking it’s his home, asking for food, sleeping on the sofas. We haven’t adopted him as our own yet but we treat him like he is. We’ve named him Grey. More updates to follow about him. 

Bye for now!